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Advanced Insulation Systems (AIS)

Advanced Insulation Systems (AIS)

News 20/10/2023

When AIS, formerly Advanced Insulation Systems approached us, they were a start-up company with technology so innovative and revolutionary to the renewable energy industry it required a deep understanding to ensure they had the protection they needed.

Company: AIS, formerly Advanced Insulation Systems
Entity: Start up
Established: 2017
Location: Newcastle Upon-Tyne, UK
Industry: Offshore wind technology Specialism Engineering


The challenge

Protecting a technology so innovative and revolutionary required a deep understanding of both the underlying science and the renewables industry to ensure we could secure the right level of protection. The technology involved was quite different to standard solutions, and we soon established that it had the potential to be disruptive in the market.


How we added value

We invested time to develop a deep understanding of the core technology and its impact in the industry, as well as considering our client’s concerns about budgets and timelines. The result was a blended, bespoke package of advice and support for them. This was a very important time for the launch of their technology and the firm, and we wanted to ensure they were regularly updated and able to ask us questions at any time.


The solution

We needed to think outside the box and quickly understand the offshore wind farm sector to ensure maximum protection for our client. The client was in the process of setting up their firm and we thus advised on implementing an IP filing strategy. This required regular contact and clear communication to ensure we
managed expectations and budgets effectively during what was a busy, demanding and financially challenging time for the client.


“Jason and his team had to quickly capture our tech and the impact on the industry, we were moving so fast in setting up the firm that regular clear communications were key. Jason and the team at Secerna ensured we were always kept up to date with costs and deadlines.” Greg Van Hinsbergh | Co-founder of C-Ling®