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Chemistry and pharmaceuticals

Our attorneys work across all areas of chemistry & pharmaceuticals IP and Patents

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Our clients operate at the forefront of this fast-paced and dynamic sector

Our team has a wealth of experience gained from working with world leaders in the chemistry and pharmaceutical disciplines encompassing new chemical entities, materials science, agricultural chemistry, chemical processes and formulation technology. We have also worked extensively in the medical device materials and carbon nanotechnology sectors.

The team works across all areas of pharmaceuticals, industrial chemistry and medical devices, with experience spanning academic and in-house environments, as well as private practice. Some of our attorneys have gained considerable insight working in industry and being closely involved in the protection and defence of market leading pharmaceuticals.

Our technical reach includes:

New Chemical Entities (NCEs)

Our attorneys provide the highest calibre advice to clients seeking to obtain, protect and defend IP covering NCEs.  The team has specialist skills in a variety of NCE classes such as anti-HIV compounds, ligand-linker conjugates, cannabinoid-based technology, oncology treatments and anti-SARS-CoV-2 therapies. Our clients range from research organisations, innovative companies and not-for-profit entities based in the UK and overseas. Our team has notable expertise handling extensive patent portfolios covering potential blockbuster compounds and navigating complex prior art situations. Read more.

Formulation Technology

We understand how safe and effective formulation is critical to the delivery of active ingredients in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutraceuticals. New formulation inventions can provide valuable exclusivity to high value pharmaceuticals and contribute to their life-cycle management. Our team is passionate about ensuring the intellectual property associated with such technology is properly protected. Read more


Processes, whether at lab-scale, pilot plant or for full scale production, usually involve the development of new process conditions and often yield new intermediates. We can advise on the patentability of each process step and help our clients to obtain appropriate protection to maintain a competitive advantage. Read more.  

Drug Delivery

We advise clients on all aspects of intellectual asset management in the important field of drug delivery, including those clients developing encapsulation technologies and other viral and non-viral delivery systems for gene therapy and growth factors for use in a variety of therapeutic areas including oncology and neurodegenerative disorders. Read more

New Indications and Dosage Regimens

Also contributing to the life-cycle management of potential blockbuster pharmaceuticals is IP covering new medical indications and previously unused dosage regimens.  The identification of new uses of already known drugs (so-called “repurposing”) can significantly speed up the time taken to provide new or alternative treatments.  Navigating the pathway to patentability of such IP can be extremely complex and our team is highly experienced at assisting clients successfully obtain patent protection for their innovations in this field. Read more. 

Agricultural Chemistry

We apply our knowledge of organic chemistry and biochemistry to the field of agriculture to obtain intellectual property protection for inventions relating to fertilisers, agricultural products and productions and environmental matters. Read more. 

Inorganic Chemistry

Our dedicated team is heavily involved in the protection of inventions in the field of renewable technologies utilising inorganic chemistry. We have expertise prosecuting patent applications to inventions including photovoltaic devices based on perovskite materials such as switchable solar windows and high-efficiency crystalline photovoltaics and the firm is proud to work with world leaders in this field. Read more. 


For intellectual property advice relating to your next project, please get in touch. Our team will be happy to assist. Contact us here.

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