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New Chemical Entities (Nces)
Specialised Insight into New Chemical Entities (NCEs)

IP Protection for New Chemical Entities (NCEs)

Elevate Your New Chemical Entities (NCEs) Innovations with Secerna

Specialised Insight into New Chemical Entities (NCEs)

Embark on a journey of innovation with Secerna's resolute team, offering the highest calibre advice to clients seeking to protect, defend and enforce intellectual property (IP) covering New Chemical Entities (NCEs). Explore the depth of our capabilities:

Expert Advice on NCEs:

- Providing the highest calibre advice to clients on protecting, defending and enforcing IP covering New Chemical Entities (NCEs).

- Tailoring strategies for a diverse range of NCE classes, including anti-HIV compounds, ligand-linker conjugates, cannabinoid-based technology, intra-cellular therapeutics, oncology treatments, and anti-SARS-CoV-2 therapies.

Specialist Skills in NCE Classes:

- The team possesses specialist skills in a variety of NCE classes, demonstrating expertise in innovative fields.

- Notable proficiency in handling complex intellectual property challenges within the realm of New Chemical Entities.

Diverse Client Base:

- Our clients include research organisations, innovative companies, and not-for-profit entities based in the UK and overseas.

- We have experience  catering to the needs of a diverse client base, ensuring tailored solutions.

Managing Extensive Patent Portfolios:

- Notable expertise in managing extensive patent portfolios covering potential blockbuster compounds.

- Navigating complex prior art situations to secure robust intellectual property rights.


Elevate Your NCE Innovations with Secerna

Partner with Secerna to leverage our specialised knowledge in New Chemical Entities (NCEs). From expert advice to managing diverse NCE classes and managing complex patent portfolios, we are committed to propelling your innovations forward.

Contact us today to explore how Secerna can tailor its expertise to meet the unique challenges of your New Chemical Entities (NCEs) projects. Your journey to innovation protection starts with a trusted partner — Secerna.