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Amlo Biosciences

Amlo Biosciences

News 20/10/2023

AMLo Biosciences required a robust intellectual property portfolio to enable future commercialisation and investment. Read how we helped them achieve this - and futureproof their IP.

Company: AMLo Biosciences Ltd
Entity: Spin-out company of the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Established: 2017
Location: Newcastle Upon-Tyne, UK
Industry: Bio / Pharma
Specialism: Diagnostics

Specialising in diagnostics within the bio/pharma sector, AMLo Biosciences faced the challenge of securing their IP for commercialisation and investments. Explore how our tailored approach safeguarded their product, AMBLor®, and elevated their patent portfolio's value during due diligence.
Their journey, transitioning from a university spin-out to a thriving business with European patents, is a testament to strategic collaboration. 


The challenge

Expert IP advice was required to ensure the development of a robust IP portfolio for the firm which would enable future commercialisation and investment if required, as well as future proofing their patents against competitors.

How we added value

The Secerna team invested time to understand the business, and its goals and aims. Our expertise in this area also allowed us to provide a robust strategy and filing programme and to help our client manage resources during their set up and in particular protect their product AMBLor®. This has resulted in the patent family being acknowledged as important in various due diligences performed on the company.

The solution
The extensive experience within the Secerna team ensured that we understood the changing requirements
of the firm and could help them manage their IP portfolio and budgets. This meant understanding the
complex science dealing with metastatic melanoma. The company was spun out within three years from first filing, and European patents granted in the same timescale. This enabled our client to focus on growing the business.

“Charlotte and her team really understood the technology and the issues we faced, this understanding helped us in developing a robust filing strategy which has reaped rewards as we have grown. They showed great insight and foresight into our technology and industry.” Marie Labus | CEO, AMLo Biosciences Ltd.