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Xeros Technology Group PLC

Xeros Technology Group PLC

News 20/10/2023

XEROS, at the forefront of eco-friendly laundry technology, joined forces with Secerna LLP to embark on a journey that has yielded remarkable outcomes.

About Xeros Technology Group PLC

A world leader in environmentally friendly laundry technology, Xeros is aiming to markedly reduce the amount of water, energy and chemicals required to wash garments and to vastly reduce microplastics released during the washing process. The company was named one of 50 ‘Global Stars of Sustainable Textiles’ in August 2020 and has won a myriad of awards over recent years.

The technologies Xeros develops are licensed to manufacturers for use in commercial and domestic washing machines as well as other textile treatment processes. A global pioneer of microfibre filtration technology with its’ XFilter apparatus, Xeros is also collaborating with several companies to bring this technology to market.

When they approached Secerna, the team at Xeros was excited to progress a broad range of its patent activities. In particular, Xeros was looking for top quality work, professionalism and close and friendly relationships.


Working together

Working alongside in-house counsel, the Secerna team was initially tasked with strengthening parts of Xeros’ existing patent portfolio such as their leather treatment (now licensed to Qualus), textile treatment and cleaning methods, early generations of cleaning apparatus, and XOrb (polymer sphere) portfolios.


Success after success

In the first 18 months of the partnership, Secerna helped Xeros successfully obtain more than 26 granted patents across the gamut of methods, apparatus, and compositions.

Further to this, these grants have been obtained in many key countries and regions across the world, including Europe, China, and the US, which are all pivotal to the Xeros business. Secerna has also helped Xeros make progress in regions such as India, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, which are often difficult.

According to the Xeros Global IP Director, Gordon Ellis, a particular highlight of the partnership to date has been the granting of XOrb patents. Xeros XOrbs permit cleaning and textile treatments using less energy, less water and less detergent. They also improve fabric kindness, helping fabrics last longer and support colour retention, which in turn leads to less frequent replacement of clothing – all of which can have a huge positive impact on the environment.


Into the future

Following the success Secerna has achieved with XOrb grants, the team at Secerna is now handling Xeros’ XFilter portfolio. The XFilter technology offers substantial environmental benefits by providing a novel filter capable of removing up to 99% of microfibres from the waste effluent streams of washing machines. It has been estimated that around 500,000 tonnes of synthetic fibres are released into the waterways and oceans every year and synthetic fibres have been found in every area of the world, from shorelines to parks, the Alps and the Arctic. As they are microscopic, synthetic microfibres can be easily ingested by small organisms and passed up the food chain.


On the work carried out by Secerna, Gordon Ellis, Group Intellectual Property Director at Xeros Technology Group PLC says:

“We are delighted to be working with Secerna on our IP portfolio. The firm has a good reputation, and in the competitive pitch their knowledge impressed us. What stood out though, was how vibrant and enthusiastic they are as a business.

Working with them, we have managed to successfully obtain patent grants in countries such as the USA and China, which is terribly difficult these days. And, we have been able to do it economically.

I am especially pleased with the granting of our XOrb patents, and the impact this will have on our ability as a business to improve the efficiency and sustainability of apparel manufacturing and laundry processes in the domestic laundry, commercial laundry, specialist cleaning, and apparel manufacturing industries. It will be great now to progress our XFilter filtration technology. I very much look forward to the continuation of this fruitful partnership.”