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A Rewarding Career at the Forefront of Innovation

A Rewarding Career at the Forefront of Innovation

News 16/10/2023

If you're looking for a career that is intellectually stimulating, offers job stability and growth, and allows you to make a real difference, then a career in patent law may be the right choice for you.

Patent attorneys play a vital role in fostering innovation by protecting the intellectual property of inventors and companies. They work with clients to draft and file patent applications, advise them on patent law and strategy, conduct patent searches and analyses, and represent them in patent disputes.

Patent attorneys must have a strong understanding of science and technology, as well as the law. They must also be able to communicate complex technical concepts clearly and concisely.

If you have a degree in a science, engineering, technology, or mathematics (STEM) subject and are interested in a career in the law, then patent law may be the perfect fit for you.


What Do Patent Attorneys Do?

Patent attorneys provide a range of services to their clients, including:

  • Drafting and filing patent applications
  • Advising clients on patent law and strategy
  • Conducting patent searches and analyses
  • Representing clients in patent disputes


Why Consider a Career as a Patent Attorney?

  • Intellectual Challenge and Variety: As a patent attorney, you will be at the forefront of technological advancements, working with inventors and companies to protect their innovations. Each day presents a new challenge, a new technology to understand, and a new problem to solve.


  • Job Stability and Growth: The field of intellectual property and patent law has gone from strength to strength. Over the past decade, the demand for patent attorneys has been on a consistent rise. As innovation becomes increasingly vital in various industries, companies are actively seeking experts to safeguard their intellectual property.


  • Competitive Salaries and High Demand: Patent attorneys are highly sought after, which means that their compensation reflects this demand. With a promising starting salary, you'll find financial stability as a patent attorney, and your earnings can grow as you gain experience and expertise in your chosen field.


  • Global Opportunities: The world of intellectual property knows no boundaries. Whether you aspire to work locally or have dreams of international endeavours, patent law offers the flexibility to work on a global scale.


  • The Bridge Between Science and Law: If you've always been passionate about your scientific or engineering discipline but also possess an interest in the law, a career as a patent attorney allows you to bridge these two worlds. You'll be the vital link between inventors and the legal system, helping innovators protect their creations and navigate the complex web of intellectual property regulations.


  • Making a Difference: By helping inventors protect their intellectual property, you contribute to fostering innovation. Your role ensures that new ideas are given the opportunity to thrive and benefit society. It's a deeply rewarding career, knowing that your work directly impacts technological advancements and the global community.


  • Lifelong Learning: In this ever-evolving field, you'll have ample opportunities for continuous learning and professional development. Staying updated on the latest technologies and legal developments is not just encouraged; it's a fundamental part of your job. If you love to learn and adapt, this profession is a perfect fit.


  • Work-Life Balance: Many patent attorneys enjoy a favourable work-life balance, with the flexibility to manage their time effectively. This provides an opportunity for you to maintain a fulfilling personal life alongside your career.


Qualifications and Training

To become a patent attorney in the UK, you must have a degree in a science, engineering, technology, or mathematics (STEM) subject from a recognized university. You will also need to complete a series of professional examinations, which are administered by the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg) and the European Patent Office (EPO).

Typically you will work as a trainee at a patent law firm while studying for the professional examinations. Trainees typically complete their training within three to five years.

If you are interested in a career as a patent attorney, we encourage you to do your research and learn more about the profession. There are many resources available online and through professional organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA).


Secerna Taster Day

We know how useful it can be to gain insights into an industry before you commit to pursuing it as a career. That’s why we offer annual taster days for science, engineering, and technology undergraduates, giving them the chance to experience the world of intellectual property, talk to people working in the field and find out what it’s like to work in this exciting sector.

Our taster day enable you to meet with attorneys - all at different stages of their careers - and find out about their path into the industry and their experiences to date. The day also includes presentations, with plenty of scope to ask questions, and opportunities to have a go at the type of work you can expect to be doing as a patent attorney.


Visit Patent Attorney Career Taster Days - Secerna LLP for more information.


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