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Brexit News

Brexit News

European News 08/06/2016

The result of June’s Referendum on the United Kingdom’s (UK) membership of the European Union (EU) is dramatic and perhaps unexpected. However whilst much does remain unclear with regard to the UK’s position in Europe it should be noted that the UK remains a member of the European Patent Convention. European patents in their current guise will thus remain unaffected by the Referendum decision. Likewise UK national patents and Registered designs and their protection and enforcement remain unaffected.

The attorneys at Secerna continue to be focussed on delivering the best advice and guidance to our clients and are carefully monitoring developments to identify the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. In practice significant transitional periods are likely to be introduced wherever a change caused by the Referendum decision takes place.

If you have any questions regarding the Referendum vote and its effect on your business please do get in touch with us.