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Noteworthy Start for Europe's Unified Patent System One Year On

Noteworthy Start for Europe's Unified Patent System One Year On

European News UPC 04/06/2024

Since its launch a year ago, the Unitary Patent system has added another dimension to Europe's patent landscape. This system, designed to streamline patent protection across participating EU member states, has seen significant adoption. Here's a look at its accomplishments in its first year.


Demand for Unitary Patents

Over 28,000 requests for unitary effect have been filed, with more than 27,500 Unitary Patents registered by the European Patent Office (EPO). This translates to nearly a quarter of all granted European patents being converted into Unitary Patents.


European Innovation Takes Centre Stage

The system has witnessed a good uptake within Europe, with over 64% of Unitary Patent proprietors residing in EPO member states. Notably, smaller European companies and start-ups have shown a keen interest, accounting for over 35% of all Unitary Patents in Europe last year alone.


EPO Highlights Reduced Costs and Simplified Administration

"The Unitary Patent offers significant cost reductions and administrative simplification," explains EPO President António Campinos.  This system grants broad protection across 17 member states, potentially expanding to all in the future. Estimates suggest these simplifications can save applicants tens of thousands of euros compared to filing individual patents in each country. These benefits are particularly impactful for micro-entities, start-ups, and academic institutions.

(Source: European Patent Office Press Release, 1 June 2024)


Looking Ahead: A Promising Future for European Innovation

The increasing utilisation of both the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court (UPC) signifies the system's effectiveness in bolstering Europe's internal technology market and fostering further innovation.  For inventors and businesses seeking patent protection in Europe, the Unitary Patent system can present a streamlined and cost-effective solution.