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Secerna Awarded Internship Employer of the Year

Secerna Awarded Internship Employer of the Year

Industry news News Team news 23/11/2023

Secerna is delighted to announce that it has been recognised as Internship Employer of the Year by the University of York, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to nurturing emerging talent.

This recognition is not merely an accomplishment but a testament to the dedication and collaborative spirit that define our internship programme. The summer internship was a wonderful experience for both our team and the talented individual who participated, with Kimberly Munemo emerging as a shining example of the potential that lies within students studying at Universities in the UK.

"Secerna LLP is delighted to receive the Internship Employer of the Year award from the University of York. It's a testament to our commitment to fostering talent and providing valuable experiences. We are thrilled with the outstanding contributions from interns like Kimberly Muemo, who truly exemplify the spirit of innovation and collaboration," says Charlotte Watkins, Secerna LLP Partner.

"I am immensely grateful for the invaluable experiences I gained during my internship at Secerna," reflects Kimberly Munemo. "It provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the crucial role that business development and marketing play in the success of an IP law firm."

Over the course of eight weeks, Kimberly embraced a variety of opportunities to showcase and develop her skills. The internship not only exposed her to the dynamic world of intellectual property law but also granted her a first hand glimpse into the intricacies of working in such a specialised field.

"From this internship, I gained a deeper understanding of the pivotal role that business development and marketing plays in the success of an IP law firm. I was consistently presented with opportunities to showcase and develop my skills, while also gaining insights into the realities of working in an IP law firm, such as meeting tight deadlines and working on multiple things at a time," Kimberly adds.


Secerna's Commitment to Meaningful Internship Experiences

What sets Secerna apart is our commitment to providing a meaningful experience to Interns that work with us. Kimberly had the benefit of engaging with various members of our team, from trainee patent attorneys and associates to the partners. This exposure enabled her to grasp the different facets of our firm and comprehend how each team member contributes to the seamless operation of Secerna.

"Over the eight weeks, I had the opportunity to converse with so many different members of the team on various occasions, from the trainee patent attorneys and associates to partners Charlotte and Jason. I was even able to observe the work of the Executive and Formalities team and gained an appreciation for how crucial they are to keeping Secerna running so smoothly," Kimberly remarks.

We extend our gratitude to the University of York for this honour and congratulate Kimberly Munemo on her outstanding contribution to Secerna. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with educational institutions, providing meaningful opportunities for emerging professionals, and fostering a culture of learning and innovation.