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Secerna celebrates an international anniversary

Secerna celebrates an international anniversary

Team news 10/05/2022

It has been a year since Secerna launched its European office in Ireland. Headed up by patent director Dermot Roche, the Dublin office offers a greater international presence and supports the firm’s continued growth.

Founded during the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Secerna team have all committed to establishing the office in Ireland, and to delivering the usual high standards of care and service to new and existing clients. This was achieved, in part, due to the accelerated use of technology in the workplace.

The use of remote working and digital communication facilities between all of the Secerna offices has enabled our team to work in complete cohesion, despite any constraints put upon them by the pandemic. The ease of using video calls to hold meetings has streamlined processes and the IT systems have integrated seamlessly to allow firm-wide access regardless of where our people are physically located. Our attorneys have been able to communicate efficiently and effectively to bring the new premises up to speed.

Clients have also been very responsive to the requirements of the new Covid ‘normal’ way of working, being happy to use online communication platforms. We are thankful that everyone understands the constraints brought by the pandemic and has readily adapted. We could not have asked for a new office set-up to go more smoothly, especially in unforeseen circumstances.

Looking to the future, we are eager to increasingly assist our clients in person, having had our first meetings in Ireland of this nature over the last few months. Now that our international office is settled, we are ready to accommodate our recent growth and welcome new clients to work in partnership with us. We will continue to work as a team in our excellent digital environment and invite clients to liaise with us however they feel most comfortable.

Secerna is committed to the Ireland market and to helping innovators and start-ups as well as established businesses protect their IP developments.

Dermot Roche says “The establishment of this Ireland office was a team effort entirely and the excitement for its continued development is palpable. We look forward to our continued growth and welcoming clients, in person or otherwise.”