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AI & Law (3)

High Court Breakthrough: Overturning UKIPO Decision Opens Doors for AI Patentability

Industry news News 06/12/2023

A recent High Court decision in the UK has overturned the UKIPO's exclusion of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) from patentability. The decision, which involved a patent application for a music recommendation system, found that the ANN was not a program for a computer and therefore not excluded from patentability. This decision is a departure from the UKIPO's previous approach and could make the UK a more favorable jurisdiction for patenting ANN-based inventions.

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News, Team news 23/08/2023

Secerna's 2023 intern: Kimberly Munemo in profile

European, News 21/08/2023

EU plans to relax grip on genetically modified organisms regulations

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News 16/08/2023

Oppenheimer: Quantum technology, patents and the silver screen

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Events, News 10/08/2023

Secerna to attend Intellectual Property Owners Association 2023 Annual Meeting

Seeking Clarity
European, News 07/08/2023

Seeking Clarity: The Controversy Surrounding Article 84 EPC and Description Adaption

Team news 07/08/2023

Jay Ruaux in profile

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