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IP Protection For Metaverse And Other Immersive Technologies

Secure Your Metaverse Advantage: A Guide to IP Protection

News 18/04/2024

The Metaverse is surging forward, however, this rapid evolution presents significant challenges for safeguarding intellectual property (IP). As creators and businesses flock to the Metaverse, establishing clear ownership and protection mechanisms for digital assets becomes crucial.

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Secerna Website Images 2023 (26)
Industry news, News 20/12/2023

UK Supreme Court Declares AI Can't Claim Patent Inventorship

Enlarged Board Of Appeal To Address Description Amendment Rules
European, Industry news, News 19/12/2023

Enlarged Board of Appeal to Address Description Amendment Rules

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European, News 13/12/2023

Secerna Receives Ongoing Recognition by International Rating Agency Leaders League

AI & Law (3)
Industry news, News 11/12/2023

High Court Breakthrough: Overturning UKIPO Decision Opens Doors for AI Patentability

Secerna Website Images 2023 (31)
European, Industry news, News 08/12/2023

Navigating the Future of European MedTech: Innovation Amidst Regulatory Hurdles

Secerna Website Images 2023 (5)
European, Industry news, News 05/12/2023

UK's £80 billion Horizon research programme association officially confirmed

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